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South African brand MetaLab releases its first snack with dehydrated apple chips

metalab apple chips

MetaLab is an up and coming supplement company out of South Africa, who also does online coaching and healthy meal prep. This week, the colorful and eyecatching brand has expanded its primary product line into the functional realm with its first-ever snack. Fitting with MetaLab’s unique style, the release is not your typical protein bar or shake.

The newest item in the MetaLab family is Apple Chips, made using fresh and locally sourced pink lady apples. Each bag comes with 30g of originally flavored, dehydrated apple chips, with nothing else in the product but apples. The snack has no added sugar, fat, or oil, it’s also non-GMO, gluten-free, and has 27g of carbohydrates per bag at 108 calories.

You can grab MetaLab’s all-new Apple Chips starting this week from its website, where there are two purchase options. You can grab the snack individually at R28 (1.62 USD) per bag, or you can get a box of ten for slightly cheaper at R25 (1.45 USD) each.

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