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Bomb Pop-inspired Boom Pop flavor coming to Myoblox Blo this summer

myoblox boom pop loco

A few days ago, Myoblox unveiled one of its next limited-edition releases with an all-new Pinata Dust flavor of its stimulant pre-workout Loco. As we’ve seen it do many times before, the brand has announced that Pinata Dust isn’t its only product coming down the pipeline. Myoblox has unveiled an upcoming flavor for its stimulant-free pump pre-workout Blo that’s fitting for the summer season.

The always creative and exciting brand has taken a more nostalgic approach on this one with a Bomb Pop-inspired flavor called Boom Pop, featuring a fitting red, white, and blue label design. Just like Myoblox Pinata Dust Loco, the Boom Pop Blo is due to launch sometime this summer, and it doesn’t look to be a limited release, which is good news for fans since Blo currently only comes in one flavor.

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