Pinata Dust confirmed for Myoblox pre-workout Loco coming this summer

Jun 20th, 2020
myoblox pinata dust loco

One of the many things Myoblox is known for is its awesome, alternatively branded and formulated, limited edition supplements, which we’ve already seen quite a bit of in the first half of this year. We’ve seen the return of the XO Series for Valentine’s Day involving Skywalk and Blo, as well as the brand’s first-ever special edition version of its muscle builder Contra with Contra Gain Train.

This week, Myoblox has dropped a preview of its next limited effort, and it is something completely new, as opposed to one of its annual items, such as Rainbow Haze of Gorilla Juice. The product is a flavor for the brand’s pre-workout Loco with ‘Pinata Dust’, which is expected to have a slightly different formula compared to the regular Loco, like all of the brand’s limited-time releases.

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