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Black Market rebrands its other AdreNOlyns in the lead up to its third

new look for adrenolyn

While we continue to wait for the mysterious new AdreNOlyn pre-workout Black Market teased last week, the original underground brand has shared news regarding other items in its lineup. Black Market has decided that despite its other AdreNOlyn products — AdreNOlyn Underground and AdreNOlyn Nootropic — being less than a year old, it is time to give them a new look.

The brand has switched both AdreNOlyn Underground and Nootropic to the same dark color scheme, whereas previously one was white and grey, and the other was black. As far as we know, the formulas behind each of the pre-workouts are the same as before, with AdreNOlyn Underground remaining as a more well-rounded, and Nootropic a more focus-fueled experience.

Black Market has already updated its website to reflect the new looks for its two AdreNOlyn pre-workouts, although there is still, unfortunately, no word on when that other AdreNOlyn is dropping or what is going to set it apart from the current two. It would be good to assume however, now that Underground and Nootropic have a consistent look, the brand’s third AdreNOlyn will follow suit.