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Another AdreNOlyn pre-workout due to launch in about three weeks

another adrenolyn pre-workout

Over the past year or so, Black Market has not only brought back its original pre-workout ‘AdreNOlyn’, but it’s restablished the name with the recently retitled AdreNOlyn Underground and AdreNOlyn Nootropic. As well put together as either of those products are, the original underground supplement company is apparently not done yet with AdreNOlyn.

In less than three weeks on Monday the 6th of July, Black Market is coming out with another AdreNOlyn pre-workout. By the sounds of things, the product will be just as strong if not stronger, than AdreNOlyn Underground and Nootropic. We don’t have any more details outside of the name, category, and launch date, and it has undoubtedly left us wondering.

With two AdreNOlyn supplements already on the market, we’re interested to see how Black Market plans on making this one different from the others. With Underground being a comprehensive pre-workout and Nootropic formulated more for focus, there are only a few directions the brand can go with its next AdreNOlyn; we’ll just have to wait to see how it turns out.