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Nutrabio drops another teaser for what looks to be three limited protein flavors

nutrabio limited edition protein powders for july

Earlier in the month, Nutrabio teased what appeared to be three mysterious new products, promoted alongside a character similar to what it used on its Irish Whiskey Cream flavor for St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve now got a slightly better look at those items by way of another teaser, although unlike the first one, the latest image includes a couple of clues.

Looking at Nutrabio’s second teaser, we can see once again, that we’re in for three new releases. We can also see that the items are similar height and width to a traditional 2lb protein powder, suggesting they’re flavors of one or more of the brand’s many proteins. Another visible detail is they’re marked as ‘limited editions’, so they’re not going to be around for good.

Based on those new pieces of information, it seems like Nutrabio has three exciting new limited-edition flavors either for the one protein powder, or a variety of three. While we now have a better idea of what we’re in for, the big question is, of course, if limited protein powder flavors are what we’re getting, what are the actual flavors?

We have to imagine with Nutrabio hyping the products so much they must be a unique set of options. The brand has proven on several occasions it can be creative, so we’re certainly excited to see what they turn out to be. To add to the news, the wait for the limited edition releases isn’t that long, with Nutrabio looking to introduce them next Friday.

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