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NutraOne brings together over 20 ingredients for its immune health formula

nutraone immuneone

NutraOne, the brand behind the deliciously marketed protein powder Protein Creations, is the latest in a long line of companies to release a dedicated immune health supplement. ImmuneOne is NutraOne’s product, and it is one of your more complex and comprehensive immune health supplements with a wide variety of ingredients.

NutraOne has brought together over 20 different ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, for ImmuneOne, with very few features left out in its effort to support and strengthen your immune system. It includes all of the common immune ingredients such as vitamin C at a gram, 23mg of zinc, 350mg of echinacea, and 400mg of elderberry extract.

nutraone immuneone

With over 20 ingredients, NutraOne’s ImmuneOne does have many other features in its formula, such as cordyceps, olive leaf, garlic extract, beta-glucan, ginseng, and more. You can see the complete list of ingredients in the supplement’s facts panel above, with everything wrapped up in a large six-capsule serving six, with 40 servings per bottle.

It is worth noting that while you get 40 servings in ImmuneOne, NutraOne doesn’t recommend throwing back a full six capsules every time. Instead, the brand recommends half a serving for ongoing immune support, then increase to six when you begin to feel a little under the weather. ImmuneOne is in stock and available for purchase from NutraOne’s website at $39.99.