Lidl-exclusive Nutrend bundle is back until Sunday and at the same great price

Jun 9th, 2020
nutrend lidl protein bar shaker bundle

For a limited time, through until this coming Sunday to be exact, Nutrend is running a promotion exclusively with the major supermarket Lidl, in its home country of Czechia. The offer is actually something it already did back in the middle of April, where you can get a shaker bottle and four of its six different Protein Bar flavors, all in the one bundle and for a competitive price.

Nutrend’s Protein Bar isn’t overly high in protein despite being 55g with just 12.5g of protein and 234 calories. As we’ve said before however, the products that are low in protein and still high in calories tend to make up for it in taste. The four flavors of the protein bar that come in the Lidl bundle are Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut, and Almond, leaving out Vanilla and Banana.

As mentioned, the price on the Nutrend Protein Bar and shaker bundle at Lidl is quite impressive at 119CZK (5.02 USD), which no matter what you divide it, it’s a great deal.

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