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Animal Pak’s immune health spin-off is also now available flavored

orange mango animal immune pak

Like its original and iconic pack-style multivitamin supplement, Animal Pak, the legacy brand Animal has come out with a flavored version of its Pak spin-off, Animal Immune Pak. It was only a few weeks ago that the brand made the product available for purchase to everyone via its website and Amazon, as initially, the only way you could get it was free for frontline workers.

The first flavor of Animal Immune Pak is along the same lines as Animal Pak’s first flavor but with a touch of mango in Orange Mango. When it comes to the formula, while the focus of the Immune Pak powder is still to strengthen and support your immune system, it features quite a different combination of ingredients compared to the regular version.

orange mango animal immune pak

You can see the full fact panel for the Orange Mango-flavored Animal Immune Pak in the image above, which has some similarities to the original with a gram of vitamin C, 125mcg of vitamin D, and 30mg of zinc. The majority of its other ingredients are either new or higher dosages with twice as much ashwagandha, astragalus, and olive leaf, and an added 5g of glutamine.

Fans of the brand can grab the flavored Animal Immune Pak from Animal’s official online store for the same price as the regular pill version at $27.95 for the same amount of servings per tub with 30.