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Ultra Orange Shield Immunity revealed and coming soon from Perfect Sports

perfect sports shield immunity

Like many other supplement companies out there, Perfect Sports has put together a product, primarily formulated to help strengthen and support your immune system. Perfect Sports is one of the lesser few that has taken a more advanced approach and brought together a variety of ingredients, as opposed to the usual mix of vitamin C, D3, and zinc.

Shield Immunity is Perfect Sports’ dedicated immune support supplement, does feature vitamin C, D3, and zinc at a hefty 2g, 30mg, and 5,000iu, respectively. As mentioned however, there is a bit more to this one, with the brand also throwing in electrolytes for hydration, turkey tail and reishi mushroom extract, and Nutramunity branded beta-glucans.

Perfect Sports’ Shield Immunity is going to be available for purchase soon in a fitting Ultra Orange flavor with the usual amount of servings per tub at 30, to supply you for a full month.