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ProSupps to relaunch the ready-to-drink version of Mr. Hyde this summer

new prosupps mr hyde rtd

Over the years, ProSupps has had several different beverage spin-offs of its original pre-workout Mr. Hyde, with 7.5oz bottles, compact shots, and even a carbonated option in Hyde Power Potion. This summer, the legacy brand is looking to introduce an all-new, ready-to-drink Mr. Hyde, featuring a fresh new set of ingredients that’s also different from any of the powder versions of Mr. Hyde.

ProSupps has packed its upcoming Mr. Hyde RTD with ingredients for increased energy, enhanced mental focus, and a couple of features to boost performance and muscle pumps. All of the ingredients in the on-the-go pre-workout are fairly common, and like the many versions of the Mr. Hyde powder, the RTD has a fully transparent label, confirming the exact amounts of everything.

new prosupps mr hyde rtd

Packed into each 12oz bottle of the newest Mr. Hyde RTD is a reasonable 6g of citrulline malate for pumps, as well as beta-alanine at 2g to help with performance. To support the energy and focus benefits, you then have 50mg each of theanine and n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 3mg of yohimbine, 25mg each of TeaCrine branded theacrine and GABA, then finally, a sizeable 400mg of the classic stimulant caffeine.

Once again, ProSupps is aiming to launch its revamped Mr. Hyde RTD sometime this summer. The liquid pre-workout is going to be available in three flavors, all of which fans of the brand will be familiar with as they’re from other Hyde products. The menu will include What-O-Melon, Blue Razz Popsicle, and Lollipop Punch.

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