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Rocka restocks Skinny Pasta and launches an equally low calorie Skinny Rice

rocka nutrition skinny rice

Rocka Nutrition out of Germany, has a new functional food this month that’s launched alongside the restock of its lower-calorie Skinny Pasta, which has just four calories in a 100g serving. The brand’s all-new product is Skinny Rice, and just like Skinny Pasta, it is an incredibly low-calorie alternative compared to the classic source of carbohydrates, rice.

Rocka Nutrition’s Skinny Rice has the same nutrition profile as its Skinny Pasta. In just 100g of the product, you get less than half a gram of fat, carbohydrates, and protein, for a supremely low-calorie count of four. Each bag of the functional food comes with a total of 200g of rice, so if you don’t want half, the whole bag is still low at only nine calories.

The virtually no calorie Skinny Rice is made with water, konjac flour, and oat flour, and is very easy to prepare by simply heating for about two to three minutes. Those of you in Europe can grab Rocka Nutrition’s impressively low-calorie rice from its website for the same price as its pasta at €2.99 per bag, or €27.99 (31.40 USD) for a box of ten.