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Rebranded Yum Yum Whey brings with it a new flavor featuring real fruit chunks

rocka nutrition very very strawberry yum yum whey

Rocka Nutrition has revamped the look of its mainstream protein powder Yum Yum Whey, giving it a similar label design to its recently released No Whey Vegan Protein. The German supplement company has extended the graphics of the flavor right throughout the entire face of the product, to the point where there is more flavor callout than text.

In addition to rebranding Yum Yum Whey, Rocka Nutrition has introduced another flavor for the supplement, with the fruit-based creation, Very Very Strawberry. Like the handful of other options for the whey-based protein powder, the new Very Very Strawberry Yum Yum Whey is covered in strawberries making it very clear what the flavor is all about.

Rocka Nutrition’s newest Yum Yum Whey flavor packs 21g of protein per serving, all from whey, 2.4g of carbohydrates, 1.9g of fat, and 115 calories, with real strawberry pieces in the powder itself. Very Very Strawberry is already in stock and available for purchase directly from the brand through its website at €21.99 (24.64 USD) for a 25 serving tub.