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Stacker2 Europe releases a new 100% Isolate flavor in line with its protein revamp

stacker2 cookies and cream isolate protein

Stacker2 Europe has announced some exciting changes to its entire line of protein powders, including updates for 100% Isolate, 100% Whey, and 100% Casein. The European side of Stacker2 has improved the flavoring of all options of each of the three supplements but is keeping their quality ingredients the same, and rolling out the revamped products one by one.

Another couple of things Stacker2 Europe is doing is taking any of the protein powders that come in traditional plastic tubs, and switching them to space-saving bags. The brand has also put together a new flavor for its premium 100% Isolate with a classic Cookies and Cream, which joins the product’s other options such as Chocolate, Banana, and Pineapple Coconut.

Stacker2 Europe is going to be gradually rolling out its updated versions of 100% Isolate, 100% Whey, and 100% Casein, however the new Cookies and Cream flavor appears to be already out and available in the region.

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