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Sweat Ethic’s mystery new product teased in what looks to be a 2lb tub

sweat ethic potential protein powder

Sweat Ethic is already competing in a lot of popular categories of supplements, with both its Lifestyle Series and more advanced Sport Series. The brand has things like a pre-workout, pump pre-workout, testosterone booster, various weight loss formulas, an amino-based product, and even a protein powder under its lightly branded Lifestyle Series.

In the coming weeks, Sweat Ethic is expanding its lineup with a mysterious new supplement, that judging by its pixelated teaser image, is for its more advanced Sports Series. As for what the product is exactly, we don’t have confirmation on that yet, but judging by the shape and size of the product in the teaser, it looks to be packaged in a traditional 2lb tub.

Usually, the 2lb tub is used for protein powders, which is something Sweat Ethic is missing from its Sports Series, but as mentioned, it does have one under its Lifestyle line in Light N’ Lean. While a protein does seem likely, carbohydrate formulas, intra-workouts, and post-workouts, have used that 2lb size, so there are a few other things it could be.

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