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Introducing the extensive and educational Supplement Course coming July 6th

the supplement source

The team at the major supplement retailer Bullfrog Nutrition, which has two locations in Sylvania and Columbus Ohio, has partnered with notable individuals throughout the industry for ‘The Supplement Source’. It is an extensive course created to help improve and further your knowledge of the supplements you put into your body, covering a whole bunch of areas.

The Supplement Course is made up of 11 lessons covering 16 topics, including the manufacturing of products, supplement legality, and deep dives into popular categories such as protein powder, pre-workout, and intra-workout. To take you through the topics, Bullfrog Nutrition has teamed up with 14 industry professionals such as Jeff Golini, Marc Lobliner, and John Meadows.

The first collection of episodes in The Supplement Course is the ‘Pro’ program, and there are more in the works for release later down the road. If you’d like to purchase the team’s premiere course, you can do so through its website at on Monday the 6th of July, which is about a week away, with the course’s regular price being $127.

If you head to that website today, there is an email subscription box that you can sign up through, and it is worth doing if you’re at all interested in The Supplement Course. Those that subscribe will be sent an email when the Pro program goes live along with a discount code that’ll bring that full course price down to around $100.

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