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Chocolate Birthday Cake Prostar continues Ultimate’s birthday celebrations

chocolate birthday cake prostar whey

This year, the legacy brand Ultimate Nutrition is celebrating its incredible 40th birthday which it kicked off with the launch of Protein Cookie Bites. This month the brand is continuing the celebration of being in business for 40 years with a celebratory flavor for its flagship protein powder, Prostar Whey.

The new flavor announced by Ultimate Nutrition is fitting for the occasion with Chocolate Birthday Cake. It provides Prostar Whey’s usual amount of protein per serving with 25g, although it does feature a slightly different look to its label with colorful rainbow sprinkles scattered throughout its background.

Ultimate Nutrition has said its Chocolate Birthday Cake Prostar Whey is going to be available in stores and stockists soon. Fans of the brand will also want to pick it up sooner rather than later as the celebratory product is a special, limited time release.