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Updated Enigma packs over 20g of aminos, including 14.5g of all nine EAAs

apollon nutritin enigma

Apollon Nutrition announced in April that it would be revamping another one of its supplements in the near future, with the amino-powered recovery formula Enigma. Like all of the reputable brand’s reformulations, Enigma was said to be getting a new and improved formula, now today, we have a look at that formula, and it is indeed an upgrade.

First and foremost, Apollon Nutrition has transformed Enigma into a full-spectrum EAA product, as opposed to the previous version, which just had the three BCAAs. The EAAs are included at a huge dose of 14.55g per serving, with 10g of that being BCAAs, although the supplement’s list of ingredients doesn’t end there.

apollon nutritin enigma

Apollon Nutrition has also thrown in electrolytes to support hydration, 5g of glutamine, and 2g each of betaine and taurine, giving it a grand total of over 20g of aminos. The all-new Enigma is a fitting reformulation for the brand, who consistently updates its products, taking them to a new level each time, even if they’ve only been on the market for a year or so.

The revamped and reloaded Enigma is expected to launch precisely one week from today, on Monday of next week. Despite all the changes, Apollon Nutrition is not changing the price on its amino-powered recovery supplement keeping it at $49.95. It will have fewer servings at 20 per tub to match its loaded pre-workout Hooligan, with two flavors in Pineapple and Strawberry Acai.