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Enigma confirmed as the next Apollon supplement to be updated for 2020

apollon nutrition enigma

So far this year, Apollon Nutrition has revamped three previously released supplements, all of which were reformulated to be just as good if not better than their predecessors. First up was the return of the truly intense stimulant pre-workout Assassin, then the brand updated its fat burner Chaos, and finally, an improved take on the energy and focus enhancing, Overtime.

As we get ready to move into May, Apollon Nutrition has revealed that next month it is going to continue to revamp its lineup of supplements and update another one. The product getting the makeover this time around is the brand’s comprehensive recovery competitor Enigma, which does come with BCAAs; however, that is just one of the many features making up the supplement.

Apollon Nutrition’s Enigma is essentially an all-in-one muscle repair and growth product packed full of BCAAs, creatine and betaine, glutamine, carnitine, and electrolytes. While we have yet to get a look at the new version, based on the brand’s last three reformulations, it’d be safe to assume the upcoming Enigma will be an improvement but maintain the original’s intentions.

Despite only getting news on the all-new Enigma just this week, Apollon Nutrition plans on getting the supplement out to fans within the next couple of weeks. The formula behind the recovery product will be shared between now and then, so be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d to find out more.