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Vayu’s Nitro turns out to be a pre-workout, but a stimulant free formula for pumps

vayu nitro

Last month we introduced the intriguing new brand Vayu out of Germany, and its rather interesting lineup of supplements with mTOR, 2C+, Meta+, and Nitro. All of the products were available for that introduction except for Nitro. We’ve now got a bit more information on that item, and as expected, it is a pre-workout, but not your typical stimulant formula.

Vayu Nitro is indeed a pre-workout, but a stimulant-free one that focuses more on enhancing muscle pumps than providing a broad combination of energy, focus, and pumps. The few ingredients we can confirm for the supplement are a hefty 8g of citrulline malate, and two forms of arginine with HCl and AKG, both included at 3g each per serving.

Seeing as Nitro doesn’t have any stimulants, you can stack the product with Vayu’s energy formula Meta+. That supplement doesn’t however, have a huge amount of caffeine, so you may need to take a few servings to get it on the level of a typical stimulant pre-workout.

While more information has now come in on Vayu Nitro, it is still not available from the major German supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition, where you can get all of the other products. That will most likely change soon with the new details coming to light, so definitely be on the lookout for the brand’s first pre-workout if it’s in your part of the world.

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