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XXL launches its second lightly dosed pre-workout for women in two months

xxl nutrition womens pre-workout

A couple of months back, XXL Nutrition came out with a pre-workout formulated and marketed towards its female fans with ‘Booty Booster’, which was quickly followed by the women’s post-workout, ‘Booty Builder’. Booty Booster isn’t backed by a loaded formula, with a light amount of citrulline at just one gram, betaine also at a gram, and 2g of beta-alanine.

XXL Nutrition has now come out with another women’s marketed pre-workout, and surprisingly, it’s not all that different from Booty Booster. The retailer and brand’s newest product is simply named “Women’s Pre Workout”. It features a separate mix of ingredients compared to Booty Booster, but with the same level of simplicity and moderate dosages.

Women’s Pre Workout has its share of light ingredients with citrulline malate at just a gram per serving, something we typically see at 6g or higher in most of the top-performing pre-workouts. There is also 2g of beta-alanine like Booty Booster, a gram of arginine AKG, half a gram of carnitine tartrate, green tea, taurine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 230mg of caffeine for energy.

As mentioned, XXL Nutrition’s Women’s Pre Workout is a simple supplement. It doesn’t feature a wide variety of ingredients for a comprehensive experience, nor does it come with overly high dosages. The product is slightly cheaper than Booty Booster at €23.95 (27.16 USD) for the same amount of servings at the usual 30, in the one Fruit Punch flavor.