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ABE Mystery Flavor Review: None disappoint although there is one standout

abe mystery flavor review

The UK brand Applied Nutrition recently released five special edition flavors of its stimulant pre-workout All Black Everything, also known more simply as ABE. The interesting thing about the flavors is the brand has released them all under the same name and label, so when fans go to buy the product, one tub won’t necessarily taste the same as the one beside it.

Applied Nutrition was kind enough to send over one of each of the five ABE Mystery Flavors, which we felt would be fun to sit down and taste test to let fans know what they’re in for on this one. The performance and formula on this one are much the same as other flavors of ABE, with the only difference being they have added Dynamine, which gives it a slightly stronger kick.


The good news is, regardless of whichever ABE Mystery Flavor you end up taking home with you, none of them are disappointing. Applied Nutrition has done a great job at flavoring the special edition series, and they’re all very easy to enjoy.

abe mystery flavor review

From what we could tell, a couple of the ABE Mystery Flavors have Applied Nutrition’s Breathe Easy feature, where each sip comes with a refreshing, mouthwash-like coolness down your throat. It did feel like some had a light amount and others strong, although we think that might have just been the Breathe Easy hanging around from the previous flavor we tried.

The five different ABE Mystery Flavors, based on our tastebuds, include a light coconut, potentially pina colada type taste, that was hard to pinpoint due to a strong Breathe Easy effect. Next is an on point grape that was quite obvious from drinking it, but even more so from the smell. It’s a solid grape experience that comes with Breathe Easy, creating more of an icy grape experience.

abe mystery flavor review

Applied Nutrition’s three remaining ABE Mystery Flavors are a tropical cocktail that’s heavy on pineapple, a sweet wild berry combination, then finally our favorite, the watermelon bubblegum. That last one is easily the best of the lot, coming off like a watermelon candy but with a touch of bubblegum that even though none of the others disappoint, it is the best of the five.


Unfortunately, as close and correct as we feel our guesses at Applied Nutrition’s ABE Mystery Flavors are, you aren’t going to be able to get the one you want when you grab it from a store. We went over the tubs several times to find any sort of difference between each of them, and could not find anything. When you purchase the product, it’s basically the luck of the draw, but as mentioned, they’re all enjoyable.