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Tasty candy bar-like flavor joins Bare Performance’s Whey Protein menu

bare performance nutrition nutter bar blast whey protein

Bare Performance Nutrition has dropped a new flavor today for its whey-based protein powder simply named ‘Whey Protein’. While the formula behind the supplement is fairly typical featuring a blend of mostly whey concentrate and micellar casein, the flavor is not. The release is the eighth option for Bare Performance’s Whey Protein, and may actually be its most creative flavor, or at least up there with the likes of Fruity Cereal.

The name of the new flavor experience for Bare Performance Nutrition’s protein powder is Nutter Bar Blast, a seemingly chocolate peanut butter candy bar-inspired effort. Despite how good the flavor sounds based on its name and callout on the tub, Nutter Bar Blast still packs the product’s usual 25g of protein. It comes with a total of 27 servings per tub and is now available for purchase from Bare Performance’s website at $32.99.