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German brand Big Zone gets into joint support with its newest supplement

big zone joint protect

The growing German brand Big Zone has expanded into the joint health category this week with a supplement featuring common as well as more modern joint support ingredients. The aim of the product is like most quality competitors in the essential style space, formulated for serious athletes and lifters to comprehensively support and protect their joints.

The name of Big Zone’s new supplement is ‘Joint Protect’, which as mentioned, comes with some more modern joint health ingredients such as a gram of chondroitin and 40mg of type II collagen. Alongside that, the brand has included several not-so-common features with 30mg of serraptase, half a gram of moringa, and a hefty 3g of cissus quadrangularis.

As per usual, the best place to go to purchase the latest from Big Zone is the major German supplement retailer, Gigas Nutrition. The company is already stocking Joint Protect in its online store for €34.90 (40.50 USD) for a full-size tub that’ll last you the usual 30 days when taking it once a day.