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Protein Juice adds another two tastes just a month after Big Zone’s major revamp

Big Zone Cola Protein Juice

It wasn’t long ago that Big Zone in Germany completely reworked its previously released and well-established clear protein powder Clear Whey Protein Juice, giving it a slightly different name, altering its packaging, and making it taste a lot better. The brand debuted the new and improved supplement in seven flavors, including the likes of Cherry Lollipop and Apple Rings, a menu that has just been bumped to a total of nine.

Big Zone has introduced two more flavors for its Clear Whey Protein Juice, one of them fitting with the typical clear protein fruity theme in Multivitamin, which commonly means Fruit Punch in Germany, and the second is much more out there in the classic soda Cola. Both of those are available straight away through the brand’s direct-to-consumer online store at at €42.90 (45.34 USD) for a bag of about 33 servings.

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