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Black Market’s third AdreNOlyn focuses more on enhancing muscle pumps

black market adrenolyn nitric oxide

The underground supplement company Black Market Labs has unveiled its third AdreNOlyn named pre-workout, separate from the previously released AdreNOlyn Underground and AdreNOlyn Nootropic. The pre-workout specialist has introduced AdreNOlyn Nitric Oxide, a stimulant-free product that features ingredients for more than just nitric oxide, as its name suggests.

Black Market Labs’ newest AdreNOlyn family member mostly comes with ingredients to enhance muscle pumps, including a solid 5g of pure citrulline, 200mg of the still very new CitraPeak, and 180mg of pine bark. As mentioned, however, there a few other features in the formula for other benefits to make for a more well-rounded experience despite not having any stimulants.

black market adrenolyn nitric oxide

Alongside all of the above in AdreNOlyn Nitric Oxide is the PeakO2 blend for performance and endurance at a gram per serving, another 1g each of watermelon juice powder and dextrose, and half a gram of Sherpa Pink branded Himalayan salt. Black Market has also thrown in a couple of ingredients to improve mental focus with a gram of tyrosine and 120mg of ginkgo biloba.

While Black Market has finally unveiled AdreNOlyn Nitric Oxide today, it has not made it available for purchase just yet. The stimulant-free supplement that can be stacked with the underground brand’s other pre-workouts, will be available soon with 25 full serving per tub. As for its price, if it’s anything like AdreNOlyn Underground or Nootropic, it’ll cost you $49.99 each.