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Newest BlenderBottle product puts an innovative twist on the classic water bottle

blenderbottle halex water bottle

The shaker brand BlenderBottle has released a new type of bottle with the ‘Halex’, although it’s not a traditional shaker for things like protein powders and pre-workouts. BlenderBottle’s latest product is a unique spin on the classic water bottle, with its star highlight being a feature called ‘Omniflow’, which allows complete control while squeezing and drinking.

At first, the new Halex from BlenderBottle looks like a typical water bottle with a 32oz capacity and an insulated 24oz option; both made with quality, BPA-free plastic. Where the product gets creative is with as mentioned, Omniflow. It is a selection system incorporated into the lid with three options to avoid leaks and drink from the nozzle in different ways.

BlenderBottle’s ‘Mode I’ for Halex allows you to tip the bottle up and drink from it without needing to squeeze. ‘Mode II’ gives you the option to gently squeeze the bottle and force liquid out of the nozzle without tipping it up. The third and final ‘Mode III’ is a secure locking stage that seals off the bottle and ensures no leaks or spills.

The website price on BlenderBottle’s innovative Halex water bottle is $12.99 for its regular 32oz capacity ‘Sport’ version, and just a little more for the smaller, 24oz, insulated ‘Bike’ option at $14.99. Both varieties come in four different colors with the Sport Halex in Black, White, Red, and Ultra Violet, and the Bike Halex also in White, Red, and Ultra Violet, as well as Blue.

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