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Bodylab releases two carb-based products to support high-intensity exercise

bodylab carbo series

The Carbo Series is a new line of supplements from the Danish brand Bodylab made up of two products, Carbo Fuel and Carbo Recovery. Both supplements are carbohydrate-based, as you could probably tell by their name, and both have their point of difference. The Carbo Series itself was created specifically for high-intensity exercise and sports to support performance and endurance.

The key differences between Bodylab’s Carbo Series Carbo Fuel and Carbo Recovery are really in their names. Carbo Fuel is more of an intra-workout or during-exercise product, featuring a blend of the carbohydrates maltodextrin and isomaltulose for fuel, and electrolytes to support hydration.

bodylab carbo series

As for Bodylab’s other Carbo Series supplement, Carbo Recovery is a blend of the same carbohydrate sources as Carbo Fuel with maltodextrin and isomaltulose, and premium isolate. True to its name, Carbo Recovery is more of a muscle recovery and repair product, ideal for after your workout with 14g of protein per serving, 12g of carbohydrates, zero fat, and a total of 109 calories.

Both of Bodylab’s Carbo Series supplements come in flavored powder with Ice Tea Peach and Pineapple Passion for Carbo Fuel, and Sweet Orange and Raspberry for Carbo Recovery. Directly from the brand through its online store, Carbo Fuel will cost you 129DKK (20.36 USD) for a 1kg bag with Carbo Recovery only slightly more at 139DKK (21.93 USD) but for a smaller 500g bag.

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