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BPS formulates its nighttime product to also support joints and muscle recovery

bps pharma for your recovery

German brand BPS Pharma, known for its family of Not4Pussy stimulant pre-workouts, has completely unveiled its all-new nighttime supplement 4 Your Recovery. As the name implies, the product is a nighttime formula that aims to help improve recovery while you sleep, and as previously confirmed, it is releasing at precisely midday German time tomorrow.

BPS Pharma will be making 4 Your Recovery available first through its direct-to-consumer online store and with a special introductory discount. To celebrate its arrival, fans of the brand interested in trying the latest BPS supplement can use the coupon ‘INSTA15’ to get 15% off 4 Your Recovery, dropping it from €35.18 down to €29.90 (33.62 USD) a tub.

We can also now confirm the ingredients and dosages BPS Pharma has packed into 4 Your Recovery to deliver its promises of improved sleep and enhanced muscle recovery. The formula’s key features are melatonin at a moderate half a gram per serving, premium and patented UC-II collagen to support healthy joints, and a blend of plant extracts, including the likes of valerian root and pine bark.

Once again, BPS Pharma will be making 4 Your Recovery, available for purchase tomorrow at exactly midday in Germany. The nighttime recovery product is going to cost you €29.90 (33.62 USD) so long as you use the limited time coupon ‘INSTA15’. The supplement is launching in just the one flavor option with Lemon Ice Tea and will have an odd 22 servings per tub.