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Sport Series C4 gets Natural Zero spin-off in Strawberry and Mango flavors

cellucor c4 sport natural zero

C4 Sport is Cellucor’s more mainstream pre-workout, and one of three workout supporting supplements in the brand’s Sport Series. The other items that round out that family are the BCAA-based amino BCAA Sport, a, and the whey powered protein powder Whey Sport. This week Cellucor has announced another entry in the Sport Series, although it is not a separate product.

Cellucor has put together a Natural Zero version of the pre-workout C4 Sport, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages to increase energy, focus, and performance. Where the C4 Sport Natural Zero separates itself is it doesn’t come with any artificial colors or flavors, like the regular C4 Sport, colored with beta carotene and beet juice, and sweetened with stevia.

Cellucor’s Natural Zero spin-off of C4 Sport is already on its way to the major grocery store chain Sprouts and should be showing up on shelves across the country in August at $19.99 a tub. While Sprouts will be the first retailer to stock the supplement, others will eventually be getting it a few months later in the fall, including the likes of Kroger, Giant Eagle, HEB, and HyVee.

Lastly, C4 Sport Natural Zero has two flavors to choose from, neither of which are available for the regular C4 Sport with Strawberry Lemonade and Mango.

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