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Cutler packs its gut health formula with 50 billion CFUs and CoreBiome

cutler nutrition pro 50

Jay Cutler’s supplement brand Cutler Nutrition is mostly made up of advanced, complex type products covering pre-workout, protein powder, weight loss, and testosterone boosting. There is one essential style supplement tucked in there as well with Safeguard, which was released just a few months after the brand relaunched early last year with its new look and fresh new lineup.

Cutler Nutrition has introduced another essential or health product this week with Pro-50, a vegan-friendly probiotic-based formula created to support gut health and strengthen your immune system. Probiotics are indeed the main feature of the supplement, with a three-capsule serving providing a huge 50 billion CFUs from a multi-strain probiotic blend.

cutler nutrition pro 50

To make Pro-50 a little more than just probiotics, Cutler Nutrition has also thrown in the branded and premium ingredient CoreBiome. It is a unique short-chain fatty acid included to help with the maintenance of your intestinal lining. Alpha Lion was the first company to use CoreBiome in a supplement with its dedicated gut health formula Superhuman Gut, launched in May.

Cutler Nutrition’s Pro-50 is available now through its online store at a price of $49.99 for a 30 serving bottle, although to go with the release, the brand has put together a couple of ways to save. For a limited time you can use the coupon ‘PRO1’ for 20% off a single bottle to drop it to $40, or grab two and use the code ‘PRO2’ to get them at $37.50 each.

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