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Dedicated’s pump pill Vaso Grow relaunches with a few tweaks to its formula

dedicated nutrition vaso grow

Vaso Grow is one of Dedicated Nutrition’s longest-running supplements, a stimulant-free pump enhancing formula, although instead of coming in flavored powder, it is a capsule product. The past Brand Of The Year winner also directs users to take it throughout the day, not just before your workout, to provide blood flow benefits and long-lasting, 24 hour pumps.

This month, Dedicated Nutrition has revamped Vaso Grow, updating the supplement that was only reformulated and relaunched a little over one year ago. The new version carries over many of the ingredients and dosages found in its predecessor, with a few features removed from the product as well as some new ones added.

dedicated nutrition vaso grow

Dedicated Nutrition’s newest Vaso Grow still has premium NO3-T nitrates as the star of its formula with 3g of citrulline nitrate in its daily amount of four capsules, twice a day. Alongside that, you get 100mg each of Actigin and AstraGin, 334mg of pine bark, a hefty 534mg of VasoDrive-AP, which is twice what the last Vaso Grow had, and finally, 100mg of vitamin C.

The refreshed Vaso Grow is now available in Europe, including through Dedicated Nutrition’s own online store, where a bottle of 50 servings or 25 days supply, will cost you €34.90 (40.80 USD). Those of you in Europe will already know the brand is well distributed, so you can expect to see the reformulated pump supplement in stores near you soon.