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Dragon Pharma previews its Dragon Rx Series ahead of its Friday release

dragon pharma rx series

Dragon Pharma has shared a preview of its all-new RX Series, which we originally posted about in the beginning of June. It is a line of supplements dedicated to supporting general health and wellness. We did have some idea of what kind of products would be in the collection, with the hardcore brand’s preview now confirming exactly the types we’re in for.

Dragon Pharma’s RX Series is officially referred to as Dragon Rx, and it consists of six different supplements. The collection includes a complex immune support product, a more basic vitamin c formula, and a supplement to help with stress and wellbeing. The other three are a prostate health product, a formula for blood pressure, then finally one for liver support.

As you can see, the Dragon Rx Series is a relatively detailed and specific collection of supplements, going into areas of health you won’t see most other companies get into. The line was primarily created to support vital systems of the body such as cardiovascular, immune, and prostate health, with essential style products that you can select and stack, and take daily.

Dragon Pharma will be launching its health and wellness Dragon Rx Series this coming Friday, through its online store at, at precisely 5PM Eastern Time.

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