Efectiv’s plant-based protein powder gets its first non-traditional flavor

Jul 31st, 2020
effectiv nutrition berry vegan protein

Before this week, fans of the UK brand Efectiv Nutrition have only traditional tastes to choose from for its plant-based protein powder ‘Vegan Protein’. The supplement hit the market last year in Double Chocolate and Vanilla Creme flavors, with the former packing 22g of protein per serve, and the latter slightly higher at 24g of protein.

As for the new addition to Efectiv Nutrition’s Vegan Protein menu, unlike its first two, it is not a traditional taste. The plant-based, vegan-friendly product now comes in a sweet and refreshing fruity flavor with Berry. The protein per serve on this one is right in between the Chocolate and Vanilla with 23g alongside less than a gram of fat and zero sugar.

Efectiv Nutrition’s Berry Vegan Protein is already in stock and available from its online store in a 30 serving tub size at £29.99 (39.33 USD). However, if you move quickly, the brand currently has the limited coupon ‘REBUILD’, where you’ll get 33% off everything on the Efectiv website, and drop the likes of Vegan Protein down to £20.10 (26.36 USD).