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Enhanced brings together good amounts of carbs and creatine for Carb-Tech

enhanced labs carb tech

Enhanced Labs has completely revealed and released its all-new carbohydrate and creatine-based supplement Carb-Tech, which the brand has nicknamed the ‘Gatorade Killer’. The product was formulated for use during your workout or exercise, to support hydration and fuel performance, as well as enhance muscle strength and size thanks to its inclusion of creatine.

The formula behind Enhanced Labs Carb-Tech is fairly loaded with a hefty 43g serving size, of which a good amount is carbohydrates. Squeezed into each serving is 28g of carbohydrates from a blend that’s 50% premium Cluster Dextrin and 50% regular dextrose. Taurine is also in the mix at 2g per serving and the common performance ingredient beta-alanine at 2g.

enhanced labs carb tech

As mentioned, Carb-Tech is a creatine-based supplement just as much as it is carbohydrate-based. To take care of that side of the product, Enhanced Labs has packed it with 5g of creatine from three different forms of the ingredient. There is 2g each of the tried and true creatine monohydrate and creatine gluconate, with the remaining 1g from Creatine MagnaPower.

Enhanced Labs Carb-Tech is available now through its online store at $49.99 per tub in just the one Cherry Limeade flavor. Each tub comes with 20 two-scoop servings, with a full serving containing the dosages we highlighted above. You can, of course, just have one scoop for half of that, and in that case, the supplement will fuel you for twice as many workouts at 40.