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Extrifit doubles the amount of synephrine in its latest simple supplement

extrifit synephrine

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen the Czech Republic-based brand Extrifit introduce several new supplements, all of which have been straightforward, single-ingredient formulas. Today we have news on yet another item from the brand that’s along those lines with Extrifit Synephrine 20, not to be confused with its previously released Synephrine 10.

The brand’s new Synephrine 20 is, of course, a synephrine product featuring nothing outside of that ingredient, just like its original Syneprhine 10. The big difference with the newer supplement is that it has twice the dosage of synephrine per tablet, with an amount mentioned in its title. Synephrine 10 had 10mg in each tablet, while Synephrine 20 doubles that at 20mg.

Despite Extrifit’s Synephrine 20 packing twice as much of the weight-loss supporting ingredient, you get the same amount of capsules per bottle at 60, although we’re not sure if it’ll maintain its price.

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