FDN Deal Alert: Number one rated Hypermax dropped to just $25

Jul 17th, 2020
fdn deal alert hypermax extreme

Hypermax Extreme still stands as our number one rated pre-workout, just over a year after it hit the market. The powerful supplement is from the reputable brand Performax Labs, who is running a promotion that Fitness Deal News has uncovered where you can save big. The offer involves a hefty 45% discount on everything, including, of course, the pre-workout leader, Hypermax.

The Fitness Deal News promotion takes the powerful supplement from $44.99 all the way down to just $24.75 for a tub of 20 full-size servings. As mentioned, the sale doesn’t only apply to Hypermax Extreme, but the entire Performax Labs lineup. Other great products include the brand’s fat burner down to $23.65, as well as its stackable and effective pump pre-workout Vasomax at $21.99.

For more information on the very limited time sale from Fitness Deal News, including where to go and the coupon code you need, head to its website.