Inspired announces its highly-anticipated new pre-workout DVST8 Of The Union

Jul 29th, 2020
inspired dvst8 of the union

When Inspired announced it signed a deal to bring Landon Suggs onboard, the founder of NTel Nutra and creator of Arez pre-workouts, it mentioned the two were already working on a new pre-workout. Being that Suggs was the man behind the many reputable Arez supplements, it was exciting news, especially since Inspired was also known for the category with its DVST8 pre-workouts.

It is suspected that Inspired is coming out with that highly anticipated pre-workout sometime next month, and to add to the hype, it has now shared the first preview of the product. ‘DVST8 Of The Union’ is the name of the upcoming supplement, a creative play of course on ‘DVST8’ and ‘state’, which promises to be both another powerful pre-workout as well as the start of a new era for Inspired.

inspired dvst8 of the union

What we can gather about DVST8 Of The Union based on the image Inspired has shared is that it will have DVST8’s usual split of 40 regular servings and 20 full servings. There is absolutely nothing we can confirm about what’s going into the pre-workout in terms of ingredients and dosages, although knowing those involved, we’re likely in for a comprehensive and well-formulated supplement.

The only other details we have for Inspired’s DVST8 Of The Union is its lineup of flavors, of which there will be three in Lemon + Strawberry Daquiri, Galactic Grape + Strawberry Supernova, and Aurora Borealis Blue Colada. Definitely stay tuned for more information, especially with our Stack3d Expo coming up in two weeks, where Inspired will be exhibiting and potentially sharing more for DVST8 Of The Union.

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