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Limited-edition Liberty Juice arrives in a third flavor with Freedom Fruit

freedom fruit liberty juice

At the beginning of May, Alpha Lion announced the return of its limited-edition and patriotic stimulant pre-workout with the newly named Liberty Juice, an alternatively branded version of Superhuman Supreme. The product was confirmed in two flavors with Ameriberry (blue raspberry) and Yankee Doodle Candy (watermelon grape candy), with both of those launching in May, well before the 4th.

It turns out Alpha Lion had one other product up its sleeve with a third flavor of the returning limited Liberty Juice named Freedom Fruit. The actual flavor is a candy-like juicy fruit gum, featuring all of the same ingredients as Superhuman Supreme for energy, pumps, and more. The special edition supplement has also released with a handful of deals and discounts through the brand’s website.

For the 4th Of July, Alpha Lion has put together a handful of stacks consisting of three different items where you essentially pay for two and get one free, plus 20% off. For example, you can buy the whole set of three Liberty Juice pre-workouts for the price of two at $95.98; then with the 20%, they drop to $25.59 each. You can check it all out through the brand’s website at