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Genius combines ceremonial grade Matcha with lion’s mane and cordyceps

genius matcha

The Genius Brand has dropped a behind the scenes video on YouTube this week that is well worth a watch if you’re a fan of the brand or just supplements and manufacturing in general. The brand’s CEO and founder Robert Oliver takes you through its manufacturer in Buckhead Georgia, talks a bit about the growth of Genius, and shows off some new products.

One of the two upcoming supplements the Genius Brand shares a sneak peek at in the video, and something it has been working on for almost a year, is Genius Matcha. True to its name, the product is a premium, ceremonial grade Matcha green tea formula that also has a couple of additional mushroom extracts alongside it in cordyceps and lion’s mane.

Based on Genius Matcha being manufactured in the Genius Brand’s behind the scenes video, we have to imagine the supplement will become available very soon. As mentioned earlier, definitely take some time to check out the brand’s latest YouTube upload which can be found on its CEO Robert Oliver’s channel.