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Haleo returns with a second flavor for its more advanced creatine Creavol Black Ops

haleo peach creavol black ops

After releasing a second flavor for its creatine supplement Creavol in April, the Japanese company Haleo has returned this month with a second flavor for its more advanced creatine product. Creavol Black Ops is the muscle and strength building supplement getting the attention this time around, which features the same formula as Creavol with a couple of additional ingredients thrown in the mix.

Haleo’s Creavol Black Ops comes with 3g of Creapure creatine monohydrate, 2g each of arginine and glutamine, and to separate it from the regular Creavol, there is 3g of HMB as well as 2.5g of betaine. Previously, the supplement came in only one flavor with Grapefruit, now fans of the brand also have a second fruity taste to choose from in Peach, and it’s landed with a couple of introductory deals.

For a limited time, Haleo is throwing in a free funnel when purchasing a full-size 30 serving tub of its new Peach Creavol Black Ops, through its website, at ¥9,720 (90.93 USD). The other launch offer the brand has put together is two tubs for the same ¥9,720 each, one in Peach and the other in the original Grapefruit, and you get a free Haleo compartment shaker bottle.