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Iron Brothers rebrand its not even one-year-old focus formula Prodigy

iron brothers prodigy

Last year the up and coming Iron Brothers Supplements out of Canada entered the nootropic market with a product named Prodigy. The brand created the supplement for a truly comprehensive experience filled with ingredients to support focus, cognition, clarity, and mood. Less than a year on from that launch, Iron Brothers has decided its time to give the product a bit of a refresh.

The slightly revamped Prodigy can be seen in the image above, clearly featuring a different label design compared to the original. Iron Brothers has rebranded the supplement with a look that isn’t really like any of its other products. For those that quite like the Prodigy formula, you’ll be pleased to know it has remained exactly the same, with only the supplement’s outside changing.

Iron Brothers has already updated its website to reflect the rebranding of Prodigy, and with the new look being so different from the rest of its line, as mentioned, we wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up spreading across to other products.