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iSatori brings back its BCAA-based spin-off of Bio-Gro from 2015

isatori amino gro

When iSatori originally released its protein synthesis amplifier Bio-Gro, it was not long before it dropped a few spin-offs. We saw supplements like the pre-workout Pre-Gro, the post-workout Hyper-Gro, and the protein powder that’s still available today, Bio-Active Whey. Another Bio-Gro spin-off iSatori dropped years ago was Amino-Gro, a blend of various amino acids, electrolytes, and, of course, Bio-Gro.

Some time since it hit the market back in late 2015, iSatori did decide to discontinue Amino-Gro, although this week, it’s announced the product has returned. The Bio-Gro infused amino and electrolyte supplement is once again available, and featuring a similar formula to the original. While the exact combination of ingredients and dosages is not identical, the new Amino-Gro still uses the same sort of compounds.

isatori amino gro

iSatori has packed its returning Amino-Gro with 4g of BCAAs, with the leucine being LeuciTor branded. There is also a 550mg blend of hydration ingredients, including raw coconut water, and of course, the star of the show Bio-Gro, mixed in a 3g blend alongside taurine and glutamine. The revamped Amino-Gro is now available from iSatori’s website at $24.99 in Frosted Lemonade and Blue Razz Snow Cone flavors.