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Kaged’s more bioavailable glutamine priced at $29.99 for a 1.1lb tub

kaged muscle price of microencapsulated glutamine

The price of Kaged Muscle’s all-new microencapsulated glutamine supplement promising 20 times faster absorption compared to regular glutamine, has been confirmed. This was an extremely important detail that we didn’t have last week when the product was unveiled, but is very necessary when it comes to supplements like this that put a spin on a traditionally cost-effective item.

For a 1.1lb tub of 82 servings, with each of those servings packing 5g of Kaged Muscle’s microencapsulated glutamine, you’re looking at a price of $29.99. When you compare that to the brand’s own half a kilogram tub of unflavored regular glutamine at $19.99, there is quite a difference. With the microencapsulated glutamine, you’re getting a total of 410g of glutamine for $30, and the regular is 500g at $20.

When you break it all down, Kaged Muscle’s microencapsulated glutamine works out to be about 82% more expensive per gram. While its benefits do sound promising, the price is well worth knowing and taking into account. Also, keep in mind, we’re only comparing the product to Kaged’s own regular glutamine, and there may be similar out there that’s cheaper or more expensive.

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