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Legacy Barbell previews the first product from its upcoming supplement line

legacy barbell parabellum

Legacy Barbell is an extremely popular and reputable gym located in Oak Ridge North, Texas. It is known for its high-quality and wide variety of equipment for all sorts of workouts and athletes. The reason we’ve got Legacy Barbell in the headlines this week is that it has decided to get into the world of supplements in the coming weeks with a small line of products.

To get the excitement going, Legacy Barbell has dropped a preview of its first supplement named ‘Parabellum’, which translated from Latin means ‘prepare for war’. Like most newcomers to the industry, the gym’s first product will be a stimulant powered pre-workout. It is going to have a fully transparent label, although we don’t have any details yet on what will be in it.

While we have yet to see the formula behind Legacy Barbell’s Parabellum, we can confirm its serving size of 12g, with 25 servings per tub. 12g isn’t overly large compared to the competition, but it gives the brand plenty of room for reliable ingredients and dosages. More details on the pre-workout are due to be shared soon with Parabellum expected to launch this month.