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Limited Adrenal Switch flavor gives you the chance to win a year’s supply

limited edition mango nectar adrenal switch

Australian brand Switch Nutrition has put together a tasty new flavor of its effective relaxation and unwinding supplement Adrenal Switch with Mango Nectar. The flavor however, isn’t just another taste, it is, in fact, a limited edition launch, so unlike the product’s five other options on the market, this one is not going to be around for good.

In addition to Switch Nutrition’s Mango Nectar Adrenal Switch only being available for a limited time, it also comes with a unique promotion. Inside just six tubs of the new product, the brand has thrown in eye-catching golden scoops. If you happen to be one of the lucky people to open a tub and find a golden scoop, you will win a year’s supply of Adrenal Switch.

switch nutrition limited edition adrenal switch

It’s a contest we’ll worth getting in on, especially if you were already a regular user of the relaxation supplement from Switch Nutrition. Another important thing to note is that you can’t actually buy the new Mango Nectar Adrenal Switch by itself. It is only available in a box set with a full-size tub of the product’s delicious Chocolate flavor as well as a mug.

Switch Nutrition’s website will begin selling the limited edition Mango Nectar tomorrow morning local time, for the same price as two tubs of the supplement at $119.95 (83.26 USD). The product is going to be available from retailers in Australia as well, but as mentioned, it is a limited-time release, so for those interested, you’ll want to get in sooner than later.