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Formula behind MAN’s more stimulant-focused Game Day Nootropic revealed

man sports game day nootropic

Game Day Nootropic is an exciting new version of MAN Sports’ long-running pre-workout that is due to hit the market soon. The brand has formulated this one to be a more intense, high-stimulant experience, and we can now confirm it is indeed not short on stimulants. While energy and focus are the main benefits of the supplement, MAN has also thrown in ingredients for effects outside of that.

You can see the complete formula behind MAN Sports’ upcoming Game Day Nootropic below, which is fully transparent, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you get per serving. For the stimulating side of the product and to provide a strong increase in energy, the brand has thrown in 3mg of yohimbine, 25mg of theanine, and a solid 400mg of caffeine.

man sports game day nootropic

You then have all of the ingredients MAN Sports has put into Game Day Nootropic to enhance focus, and this is where the pre-workout separates itself. The brand has packed it full of nootropic ingredients to really ensure it comes through on the ‘Nootropic’ part of its name. Dendrobium is in the mix at half a gram as well as lion’s mane also at half a gram, a gram of tyrosine, 600mg of alpha-GPC, and more.

As mentioned, MAN Sports has included a couple of additional ingredients in Game Day Nootropic to make the pre-workout experience a little more complete. On top of the energy and focus benefits, the supplement has HydroMax glycerol at a hefty 5g per serving and 100mg of the S7 blend to enhance muscle pumps, and make for a balanced combination of energy, focus, and pumps.

MAN Sports is looking to launch Game Day Nootropic sometime soon with at least one flavor confirmed so far in Gummy Bears, which you know will be tasty with MAN being the originator of candy supplements.