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Bi-Immune on the way from MFIT Supps with vitamins, minerals and Bioferrin

mfit supps bi-immune

Last month MFIT Supps released a product to help support fans’ immune systems with a straightforward, vitamin c capsule formula packing half a gram of the antioxidant per serving. One month later, the brand has announced something a little more comprehensive and complex for immune health, introducing the five-ingredient formula, Bi-Immune.

MFIT Supps’ Bi-Immune does feature vitamin c, although not in the amount you get from its standalone supplement with a much lighter 100mg per serving. Alongside the vitamin c, the dedicated immune product comes with 10mg of zinc, another common immune support ingredient in vitamin d at 800iu, 100mg of calcium, and 300mg of premium Bioferrin.

Bioferrin is the star of MFIT Supps’ Bi-Immune, which is promoted as a superior source of iron and promises no stomach discomfort side-effect. The brand is looking to launch the immune support supplement in the coming weeks, and with that lighter dosage of vitamin c, Bi-Immune is something you can use alongside the standalone product.