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MFIT Supps goes the chewable route with its basic vitamin C supplement

mfit supps vitamin tablets

While the majority of the products from MFIT Supps are more advanced, complex type supplements with packed out workout-based formulas, the brand does offer some simpler items. There is MFIT Supps Carb10 as well as BCAA, which true to their names feature just those ingredients and nothing else with the carbohydrate Carb10 and the three BCAAs.

This week, MFIT Supps has come out with another basic, single-ingredient product, with something we’ve seen quite a bit of from many other companies over the past few months. The brand’s latest effort is a bottle of orange-flavored, chewable vitamin C tablets to support and strengthen your immune system, with 500mg of vitamin C in each tablet.

An entire bottle of MFIT Supps Vitamin C comes with a total of 120 tablets, so it’ll last you about two months if you double up and have two a day. The supplement is a little more expensive than some of the vitamin C capsule formulas we’ve seen from the likes of Nutrabio, with the brand selling its chewables at $25 a bottle directly through its website.

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