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Morphogen’s upcoming Maxigen promises to be a fully-loaded pre-workout

morphogen nutrition maxigen

Fresh off the release of the new flavor of its amino supplement Synthegen, Morphogen Nutrition has shed a little more light on one of its other, previously confirmed upcoming products. That all-new supplement the brand said would be coming from its extensive 2020 roadmap is Maxigen, which we originally had no idea what would be in it or even what category it would be for.

Morphogen Nutrition has now revealed that Maxigen is going to be a stimulant-powered pre-workout, which is something the brand already has on the market in Alphagen. The difference with Maxigen is that it will be a mega-dosed, fully loaded pre-workout. The brand has shared some of the ingredients in it, including caffeine, kanna, citicoline, and what looks to be a hefty 10g of citrulline.

More information on Maxigen will be shared as we get closer to its launch, but the few details it’s shared are definitely enough to get some excitement going. The claim of mega-dosed from a brand that already puts a lot into its supplements certainly has us interested to see the final formula, so be sure to stay tuned.